Friday, October 29, 2010

The Whirlwind October Is Finally Over....

The Heroes! at the B.o.B. concert at Emory University, Oct. 23rd

We almost let an entire month pass by without posting, but if you've been following the Heroes! whereabouts, you'd know why. Last month, they were preparing for a slate of performances around Atlanta, starting with their performance at Georgia Tech's NPHC Homecoming Step Show. As the month went on, performing at Apache Cafe and Sharp's Bar, their stage presence became stronger and their chemistry developed as everyone, the artists and the band, got comfortable with each other. Watching them through the many shows, I can tell that they're growing with time and will get better.

The main attraction of October was opening for B.o.B. at Emory last Saturday -- as Wynton said amongst us, that was 'THE' show, the one in which we had all prepared for, with all the other shows more of a tune up to this moment. When we got there, there was a "rock star" feeling in the air around all of us, even the non-artists. Soundcheck was a harrowing experience, as not everyone was there, so Ryan (better known as Tony E) and myself got on the mic to check for sound levels - even THAT was a bit of a rush for me, as I'm used to playing the role of silent partner (more like comfortable in it - we have enough people's faces out there). After the soundcheck, we went to our 'dressing room' and clowned for a bit until showtime.

Once they went on, the reception from the crowd was pleasantly surprising, in my opinion - they liked the music, and they were almost fighting each other for the shirts that were being thrown off stage! They showed us love from the opening song to the outro, which exceeded our expectations. After the show, we stayed off stage to watch Bobby perform, and he rocked it as usual! He even brought T.I. out to chants of "FREE T.I.", tears, and cheers. Bob shouted us out at the end, which put a great cap on the night for us.

The very next day brought our final performance of October, at Cloud IX Lounge in downtown Atlanta as the featured set. The atmosphere wasn't as grand as the day before, but they still planned on putting on a great show -- which is exactly what they did. It was a more intimate setting, with most of our consistent supporters coming out to see us, and we put on our best show to date. You could tell everyone on stage was having a lot of fun, as Billy even ran off stage to finish one of his verses! They finished the night with a random collaboration with Shamora, as Wynton, Dylan and Nick provided the music for her (and Jamieson) to sing her song "Dealbreaker" over. When I tell you that brought the night to a whole 'nother level....!

To all of our supporters, old and new, we really appreciate you coming out to see us evolve and grow. We will let you know when the next performances are, as they're probably going to take a month off to make more music and improve the set. Stay tuned!


  1. That Cloud IX performance really was something. But you know what a dealbreaker is? .... Hoes. LOL! Shout out to B. Reiley #Hovember