Sunday, August 29, 2010

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Love To Infinity DMC Mix)

I collect Michael Jackson remixes like none other - I'm sort of a digital packrat. Within these remixes is one in particular that I always thought was epic in presentation, which is Love To Infinity's DMC Mix of Billie Jean. I found myself searching on YouTube repeatedly to see if anyone had ever made a video to it, which someone has, but it's just the shortened version of the song laid over the video. I've had the idea to make a video to this song, but I just never had the time and/or the resources to do it. It's been gestating on my computer's hard drive for the longest time, so I decided to finish it in time for Michael's birthday this year - this is my attempt at adding to his YouTube legacy (and getting some Sony Vegas practice in). I was up 'til 7AM editing this thing, and I'm thinking about re-cutting it later....but not anytime soon since since the video takes a day to render AND upload to YouTube :/ I hope you enjoy my labor of love!


"We're sendin' out, a major love / And this is our message to you / The planets are linin' up, we're bringin' brighter days / They're all in line, waiting for you / So know the're just another part of me..."
Michael Jackson, Another Part of Me

I have been a fan of Michael's since 2001, shortly before Invincible came out. I was watching the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards in my room and N*SYNC came on to perform their song "Pop". I wasn't really stuntin' it too much, but it was the Video Music Awards, where something usually crazy happens out of nowhere, so I gave them a chance and didn't turn the channel. I watched Justin and 'nem dance and sing, like they usually do. Towards the end, the playback was having quote-unquote technical difficulties, so I was like, "OK, something stupid is about to happen." They circled around to the main part of the stage, and the end of the song was different: "We, Must, Be/Kings of.....POP!" Meanwhile, a giant Etch-A-Sketch was lowered behind them ever so conspicuously. "Kings of Pop" was written on it, and then shaken to make it read "King of Pop". It took me like 2-3 seconds to realize what the hell was going on, and by the time I realized it, a silhouette of the Smooth Criminal outfit was starting to come together.

And then Michael emerged from behind the drawing.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sneaker Watch 8/18/10 (Yeah... Its been a while)


Nike SB is making a Street Fighter Pack...I repeat, Nike SB is making a Street Fighter Pack. 2 words describe my feelings towards this: F@%^ing Awesome. The 1st shoe that we are getting a glimpse of is the Chun-Li Nike Dunk Low Pro SB. As you can see, the colorway of the shoe is Argon Blue, with gold stiching and a Gum Bottom sole, which correspond with Chun-Li's outfit colorway on Street Fighter. Personally, I think these are FIRE and a must cop for anyone who is into Street Fighter or just want a blue pair of sneakers. I'm just speculating but I feel like Nike will probably come out with a Ken and Ryu colorway as well. (They have to, right?) I'm hoping that they will make an Akuma colorway too. Knowing my luck though, they will make a Zangeif colorway (Boo!!!)

A Question to the folks out there:
What Street Fighter character do you think would make a good Dunk colorway?

*more pics of Chun-li Dunk Low Pro SB*

-Sage Out

The Definition Of Awesome: My Scott Pilgrim Review

I surf the 'Net a lot when I'm not in the Adobe Creative Suite designing something, but recently I've been falling off of my routine site visiting and blog reading. I made a pit stop at IGN Movies and saw a feature on this film called Scott Pilgrim vs. The World....looked interesting so I thought I'd take a peek. Once I saw the comic book-themed scenes and heard the video game sounds from Sonic and Mario (the "KO" sound especially), I was sold. Not long after that did I enter a contest to win a free screening pass for two courtesy of Advance Screenings (which everyone should follow on Twitter!), and got a phone call from a random number that I didn't answer, but left me a voicemail saying that I won my screening pass!

Talk about excited! I brought one of my friends with me to go see the movie last Thursday, and it definitely didn't disappoint. What I saw in the trailer is exactly what I got - Scott Pilgrim is a 22-year-old Canadian trying to romance an out-of-towner named Ramona Flowers, but in order to finally go out with her he has to defeat her seven evil exes....oh, and he's in a band; nothing more complicated than that, as the method in which he gets there is entertaining enough without a convoluted plot. From the opening digitized Universal opening screen, to the ending 8-bit music, I was captivated. The movie did a good job of easing those of us who aren't familiar with the Pilgrim into his world, replete with snarky text boxes and onomatopoeia. Speaking of that, the visible onomatopoeia is EVERYWHERE in this film - I'm sure the Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright and series creator Bryan Lee O'Malley went to great lengths to make the film look as much like a comic book as possible.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

From The Desk Of B. Reilly: The Heroes' Friday the 13th Practice

From time to time, I will issue reviews, thoughts, and observations from and about the latest Heroes happenings and sightings. They won't necessarily be as candid as you'd like, but I will be leaking info when necessary....and allowed. What you SHOULD expect from these posts are things like Heroes performances, releases of songs and music, early artwork from me (I'm talking about prehistoric-type early...primarily sketches), and essentially whatever I see fit to come from this desk. Let's begin this feature by me telling you guys about one of our latest band practices.

This month, on Friday the 13th - a most conspicuous date - The Heroes! collected at Avatar Studios in downtown Atlanta for a rehearsal of some of their songs, old and new, in preparation for a series of performances and shows later this fall. I've never been to Avatar, but found out that it was close to where I work, so it became instantly familiar. Once I got there, I first met Dylan, our drummer, and later, I finally met our guitarist, Johnny. I navigated my way through what seemed like a maze of hallways but was only one big hallway to walk down - so imagine my slight discontent when Dylan told me that we were stationed all the way at the end of the hallway. A few minutes later, the rest of the artists and producers arrived, and it didn't take long for the artists to get into the groove of practicing their set....I could see that we plucked two very talented musicians in Johnny and Dylan.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hee-Hee Hell!

Last week, it was reiterated through the many Michael Jackson-affiliated Twitter accounts (specifically this one) that I follow, that a new Michael Jackson album is coming out this year....until the story was refuted not even 20 minutes later. Nevertheless, a new album from the King of Pop should be coming later this year. The deal that MJ's estate struck with Sony includes up to 10 albums of unreleased material, video games/DVD releases, etc., all of which could earn the estate up to $250 million!

Now if you're excited about more moonwalking, crotch-grabbing, and chamon-ing, your favorite hip-pop producer is not:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

At the End of the Day...

When you're lost in the hustle and bustle of living something as simple as a butterfly landing on a flower can spark an intellectual reevaluation of your current state of life...

When did it change? When did life go from the simple act of survival and just having a means to live, to an all out pursuit of riches and "the good life"? When did enough become too little and excess become barely enough?

Watching a butterfly move from flower to flower, and realizing that it's daily life consists of eating enough to make it to the next day so that it can repeat the process, helps turn these simple questions into a mental plague.

Most people strive for success... but success in what?...and to what purpose? When you die, the success that you've accrued...what can be done with it? You can't bow-tie your accomplishments and pass them down to your children - they have to make a name for themselves and start from scratch.

Does that mean this can be considered a selfish pursuit? Often people work hard for success so that they can live comfortably and then have their children work with little to none so they might "learn the value of hard work" as it were...which begs the question: does that invalidate your original pursuit to make sure your kids lived a better life than yourself?

It would be foolish to say "stop putting in that work"...the real message is along the lines of "remember to stop and breathe." Don't work to the point that you forget to rest and that you forget the values that initially motivated you. Having direction and purpose is akin to fresh air to the soul...but what if you only find fresh air in having a purpose, and work is the only purpose provider you've attained?

The list of questions debating the purpose of success and your pursuit of it are boundless...but the important thing is that you at least have a question to ask.

Figure out what it means to be "self aware" and use that knowledge... that's how you impact the world.

-T. Drake

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is Hip-Hop!!!! (Not Really)

As goofy, awkward, and just plain WTF is wrong with these people as this is, I feel like Dana (the instructor) means what she says and is probably more Hip-Hop than some acts out today. Ok, just kidding...(maybe?) She probably was trying to bank on the hip hop movement in the early 90's after kids got bored with ballet and other traditional dance. Well, whatever the case was, she should have probably stuck to behind the scenes instead of making a debacle like this early 90's gem. Shout out to

Sage Out (Lol)

THIS IS HIP-HOP! from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

They Should Take A Damn Photoshop Class

Judging from the amount of estrogen on your Twitter and/or Facebook timeline, you MIGHT have heard about a movie called Takers, featuring a cadre of heartthrobs to make the ladies swoon, a SPOT of eye candy for the fellas in Zoe Saldana, and a seemingly suspenseful, action-packed, late summer "seeing-this-on-our-date-should-be-enough-work-but-actually-your-chance-of-getting-the-nookie-will-be-nil-because-you-will-never-overcome-her-screaming-for-Michael-Ealy" movie. You ask, what could possibly be my issue with this? Look at this sh*t: