Friday, July 30, 2010

T. Drake Presents...

Arguably (and probably) one of the most sampled songs in the history of hip-hop,"The Funky Drummer", is a smooth mix of that 1970's jazz funk with a kick for all the Cool Cats. Listen for the breakdown (after James Brown counts to 4 the first time) and you'll hear the soul behind some hip hop classics like "Mama Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J, "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy and more recently "The Cool" by Lupe Fiasco.

See if you can hear it ;)

T. Drake Presents...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sneaker Watch 7/27/10

Today I stumbled upon this interesting collab. The Kevin Smith x Jamison 2 "Clerks." IF you never heard of "Clerks" or at least Jay and Silent Bob, *sigh*, these might not mean much to you. If you are in the know, you either are scrambling on the net or just laughing out loud at the thought of this movie being on a shoe. As you can see, the shoe is the basic black/white colorway with Clerks stitched on the side panel of the shoe. That is cool, but nothing special IMO. The real flair, to me, comes in the insole which has a still from the movie with Jay and Silent Bob in front of the Quick Stop, a shop Dante (Brian O'Halloran) works at. No info on when these are officially dropping but check periodically at Oh, and if you haven't seen it, watch the movie. It's a classic.

Sage Out.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes vs. The World's Greatest Detective

The history of comic books being translated to the screen - TV and movie - has been checkered in its beginnings. For every Adam West, there was a Nicholas Hammond. For every George Reeves, there was a John Wesley Shipp. (For every Superman movie, there was a Superman 3!) but the genre has taken off recently, what with the success of the Spider-Man franchise last decade to kick things back off, then the wildly popular Iron Man to piggyback off of that wave, leading into the blockbuster (and one of the most successful films of all time) that was The Dark Knight. Movies with smaller spotlights but great results such as Kick-Ass and the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World are benefactors of such successes. Gone are the days of half-ass representations, second rate heroes who had no business being adapted in the first place, flagship heroes who were unceremoniously pushed back into sloppy seconds (I know - I have this one on tape for some reason), and of course, the movie that almost ended it all.

Two years from now, the failures and successes of these adaptations will contribute to the biggest summer that comics have ever seen, and probably will ever see - the ensemble cast of the Avengers opens on May 4th, 2012, with the third entry in Christopher Nolan's Batman series opening two and a half months later, on July 20th. So which one do I bet on having the bigger box office pull?

Monday, July 26, 2010

T. Drake Presents...

I ran across this video and HAD TO share this with you guys. I'm sure you all remember LL Cool J's "Loungin' "....Well just in case you didn't know... Here's the sample ;)

T. Drake Presents...

T. Drake Presents...

I've been mulling around with different ideas for a weekly music post... I was gonna call it something like "Music Monday"...but what if I find a nice joint on Thursday?? (too impatient for that) Then I was gonna call it "Jam Sessions", but it doesn't fit well enough...

Soooo..... I'll just call it "T. Drake Presents..." Anything from music videos, concert performances, covers, DJ mixes, lost tracks...whatever strikes me as worthy.

With that being said, enjoy the first installment of T.Drake Presents...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I think I'm Malcolm X...Martin Luther....

Lupe Fiasco's latest mix..... "B.M.F. (Building Minds Faster)"

T. Drake delivery

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friends and Family Deal

The Friends and Family Deal is here at Foot Locker and FootAction. You got from today til Sunday to get 25% off kicks. I remember back in the day it was 30% - I guess the great recession hits everything. By the way, there are some exclusions like Air Force Ones, shoes that came out this week (like the Air Max 90 infareds >_<), and some Jordans. Oh well, this might be my chance to grab a pair of Cool Grey Lebron VIIs for a little less. Click Foot Locker and/or FootAction for access to the coupons. These coupons can be used online or printed out and used in store.

Sage Out

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll Make You A Hamburger Better Than McDonald's

Some of my earliest memories are of my favorite food when I entered the heavenly restaurant adorned with golden arches painted on their windows and sweet smells from behind the counter I was too small to look over - a cheeseburger. I consumed these with no abandon, and always washed it down with a medium french fry, adorned ever so elegantly with fancy ketchup and a Sprite. As I got older, my tastes refined and were upgraded to a quarter-pounder - no cheese, this time - a super-size fry, and a large Hi-C orange. After I entered college, I realized I was killing myself slowly Big Pun style, and scaled back to the manageable hamburger, large fry, and medium Sprite. After a few years in college, I kicked the habit, realizing I was no better than the crackheads in downtown Atlanta still looking for their next hit. I swore I was done with that devilishly decadent food. What I didn't know was that my body might not have been done with those burgers I consumed two decades ago - the 1990's - and definitely not the burgers I had eaten as recently as two years ago:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception: A Review of a Reality Questioner

"Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange."
"" is the general response received when I inquired on their views and perceptions of the movie "Inception." My favorite critique thus far, given by _Tony_E_Stark_ when he said "It's 'Matrix' meets 'Ocean's Eleven' ". Though I find the opinion erroneous when taken in a literal does give you a succinct general idea of what to expect. After seeing the movie you can see the correlation, but will ultimately decide that as great as "Matrix" is, it doesn't reach the stratosphere in which "Inception" resides...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sneaker Watch for 7/19/2010

Sneaker Watch

This Saturday (7/24), the Infared Air Max 90's are being re-released. This is a very popular and sought after colorway of this model. The retail cost for these kicks are $94.99. If you can't wait 'til Saturday, Finish Line has started selling the shoes early. Personally, this is one of my favorite Air Maxes, so as long as I got the ends, I'm probably copping. That is unless the material of the retro is downgraded so much from the original that it's not worth it... Nike is known to do that from time to time.

Sage Out.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Introducing Vic Sage....(Hello World)

Just kidding.

Hello everybody... I'm glad you all decided to look behind the comic panels and into the lifestyles of the strong and courageous Heroes! that are coming to save the game. Questions that I ponder at times though are: Is the GAME worth saving? In fact, can it be saved? Actually, what is the GAME? Is IT a rapper who name drops from Compton? Is IT the radio playing "your favorite" 20 songs over and over and over and over and over until next week when they switch a song out of rotation? Is IT the music industry? Is IT the guy behind the desk that tells the rapper stuff like, "Saying you're a part of a gang and knocking up a couple of B-list celebs should help your image"? Is IT the hit song with about as much lyrical content as Green Eggs and Ham? Is IT the fact that making it in the music industry is more about an artist's image than his/her actual talent now? Is IT the replacement for knowledge in the 5 elements of Hip-Hop?

I mean, I think about it and IT can go outside of music... Is IT the corporate society we live in? Is IT the super processed, poorly raised
, steroid pumped food we eat? Is IT the War for Pea[violen]ce in the Middle East? Is IT the blind fold of revenge that covers our eyes from the crumbling infrastructure of our country? Is IT the little thing inside some peoples' head that persuades them to lust for power over all...

I can go on and on with the questions and as you can see whatever the GAME is, it might need less saving and more changing, maybe even destruction.

Sorry for getting a little deep if you weren't ready...figured while Ben is fixing this place up, I'll have time to get on the Soap Box.

Don't worry to all the free as a bird, "I don't want to worry about bad things, so I tone them out, shut them off, drink them away, etc." people...I'm not going to do this all the time. I'm going to talk about kicks, movies, life, funny moments, you know, anything that interests me and hopefully you. However, it will get deep sometimes so I suggest growing up and stop living life like you're an adult on Sesame Street,

Sage Out.

"You're fed information everyday, but only try to swallow the truth. Spit out the lies." - Me*

*Until somebody says "All man, you got that from 'insert some famous person/movie/poem/verse here.' Came up with it on my own with help from Above.