Sunday, August 1, 2010

They Should Take A Damn Photoshop Class

Judging from the amount of estrogen on your Twitter and/or Facebook timeline, you MIGHT have heard about a movie called Takers, featuring a cadre of heartthrobs to make the ladies swoon, a SPOT of eye candy for the fellas in Zoe Saldana, and a seemingly suspenseful, action-packed, late summer "seeing-this-on-our-date-should-be-enough-work-but-actually-your-chance-of-getting-the-nookie-will-be-nil-because-you-will-never-overcome-her-screaming-for-Michael-Ealy" movie. You ask, what could possibly be my issue with this? Look at this sh*t:

Remember in elementary school when you took popsicle sticks and glued paper faces onto them to make masks out of them for a fun arts and crafts project? It's cute on Pardon The Interruption, but not for a multi-million dollar motion picture. They're as much in the same room as Morpheus was with Neo when he was kicking his ass all over that dojo in Incep - I mean, The Matrix. At least they got the reflections right. Luckily, the people at Screen Gems noticed the blunder and updated it:

This is slightly better, but as I read on another blog, this reminds me of a James Bond film, or at the very least a cheap knockoff. Not to mention they used 50% opacity on the Black Actor Eraser and got rid of Chris Brown and Michael Ealy. Matt Dillon + Jay Hernandez > Chris Brown + Michael Ealy? You be the judge. Not to mention the perspective is so skewed that Dillon and Hernandez look like pale Smurfs.

THIS is more like it - although C. Breezy and Ealy are still missing, they finally got it right. After seeing the trailer for the first time early this morning, it made me wonder why this poster wasn't the first one that was let go out of those offices. Quality control, people. Comp(osition) jobs are great when done correctly, horrible when things like necks or lighting aren't considered - I guess deadlines really are the bane of designers' existences. The original poster deterred me from seeing it, but this final poster, along with the TV spot, has motivated me enough to actually look to download it.

Takers comes out in theaters August 27th.


  1. lmao, not to defend them, but I think they didn't put alot of effort into these posters because the marketing is already done

    6 fine men starring in the same movie? im already hooked, haha

  2. Lmao! ALL of those posters are knock offs of other movie posters...but luckily for them they truly don't have to market the film as much due to the lead actors.