Sunday, August 29, 2010

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Love To Infinity DMC Mix)

I collect Michael Jackson remixes like none other - I'm sort of a digital packrat. Within these remixes is one in particular that I always thought was epic in presentation, which is Love To Infinity's DMC Mix of Billie Jean. I found myself searching on YouTube repeatedly to see if anyone had ever made a video to it, which someone has, but it's just the shortened version of the song laid over the video. I've had the idea to make a video to this song, but I just never had the time and/or the resources to do it. It's been gestating on my computer's hard drive for the longest time, so I decided to finish it in time for Michael's birthday this year - this is my attempt at adding to his YouTube legacy (and getting some Sony Vegas practice in). I was up 'til 7AM editing this thing, and I'm thinking about re-cutting it later....but not anytime soon since since the video takes a day to render AND upload to YouTube :/ I hope you enjoy my labor of love!

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