Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sneaker Watch 8/18/10 (Yeah... Its been a while)


Nike SB is making a Street Fighter Pack...I repeat, Nike SB is making a Street Fighter Pack. 2 words describe my feelings towards this: F@%^ing Awesome. The 1st shoe that we are getting a glimpse of is the Chun-Li Nike Dunk Low Pro SB. As you can see, the colorway of the shoe is Argon Blue, with gold stiching and a Gum Bottom sole, which correspond with Chun-Li's outfit colorway on Street Fighter. Personally, I think these are FIRE and a must cop for anyone who is into Street Fighter or just want a blue pair of sneakers. I'm just speculating but I feel like Nike will probably come out with a Ken and Ryu colorway as well. (They have to, right?) I'm hoping that they will make an Akuma colorway too. Knowing my luck though, they will make a Zangeif colorway (Boo!!!)

A Question to the folks out there:
What Street Fighter character do you think would make a good Dunk colorway?

*more pics of Chun-li Dunk Low Pro SB*

-Sage Out

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