Sunday, August 15, 2010

From The Desk Of B. Reilly: The Heroes' Friday the 13th Practice

From time to time, I will issue reviews, thoughts, and observations from and about the latest Heroes happenings and sightings. They won't necessarily be as candid as you'd like, but I will be leaking info when necessary....and allowed. What you SHOULD expect from these posts are things like Heroes performances, releases of songs and music, early artwork from me (I'm talking about prehistoric-type early...primarily sketches), and essentially whatever I see fit to come from this desk. Let's begin this feature by me telling you guys about one of our latest band practices.

This month, on Friday the 13th - a most conspicuous date - The Heroes! collected at Avatar Studios in downtown Atlanta for a rehearsal of some of their songs, old and new, in preparation for a series of performances and shows later this fall. I've never been to Avatar, but found out that it was close to where I work, so it became instantly familiar. Once I got there, I first met Dylan, our drummer, and later, I finally met our guitarist, Johnny. I navigated my way through what seemed like a maze of hallways but was only one big hallway to walk down - so imagine my slight discontent when Dylan told me that we were stationed all the way at the end of the hallway. A few minutes later, the rest of the artists and producers arrived, and it didn't take long for the artists to get into the groove of practicing their set....I could see that we plucked two very talented musicians in Johnny and Dylan.

They played through a handful of songs, most notably a new rendition of Heroes Of The Game and a couple of new songs from the upcoming release, Coming To Save The Game 2.0. My favorite song they practiced was a song called Ain't No Way, which you might have heard the production of if you've been paying attention to our site and/or YouTube channel. New arrangements of songs are planned, who's performing what, and all of that happened in that dimly lit 15x25 room, the conversation dotted with the typical Heroes! humor. Unfortunately the humor didn't do much to cool the room down - you can imagine our comfortability level with about 10 people in this space.

By the end of night, it was determined that the foundation for these songs were in place, but more tune-ups were needed of course. Wally West played band director the whole night, actively practicing and guiding Dylan and Johnny on what he wanted to hear and see to get the most out of the performance. In the video above, you'll see Norrin playing on the keyboard during their run-through of "Movin' Like The Wind" - he even came up with a new melody with Mister Xavier that you might hear in the distant future! All in all, it was a VERY productive practice - the artists got used to sharing their presence with other musicians, got to bounce around ideas for the performances and shows coming up, but most of all, their vision for what they want The Heroes! to become appeared closer than ever before. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements regarding our next shows!


  1. I can't wait till I get to see the whole thing finished! It's gonna be freakin' HOT with a live band. Keep it movin' boys... keep it movin' : )
    Much love.... IAm@Trillo

  2. yay for updates...i like this PhotoSnack application you used, must look into it

  3. Second rehearsal was even better. The bass player is Sick!